The Course

Do you believe in the power of stories?

Do you want your students to become active global citizens ready for positive and purposeful civic engagement?

Do you want to equip your students with the skills to be purposeful content creators rather than passive consumers of digital information?

Do you want to create and launch your own class website/digital storytelling platform?

This 4-week course will equip you to share aspects of your students' learning that connect to global issues, the Sustainable Development Goals, service learning and more. At the end of this course, you will be able to coach your students to create digital content to share on your own classroom website/digital platform, or through existing channels in your school and community.

If your students are exploring sustainability (personal and collective), hopeful scenarios for the future, civic readiness and how to use tech for good, you can share their stories with others to:

  • equip your students to become skilled advocates and communicators
  • foster deeper learning and engagement with your curriculum
  • create a culture of sustainable, positive changemaking in your classroom and school
  • inspire others in your community to learn, think and act in responsible and equitable ways

Each week will involve approximately 2 hours of asynchronous learning. Each module will include a final digital storytelling task (where we get to explore and try fun new tools), and there will be a final Zoom call where we get to connect, chat and synthesize what we've learned. I look forward to meeting you and working with you in this space!

Course Content: An Overview

Session 1: WHAT is digital storytelling?

  • forms of digital storytelling
  • ways of sharing stories
  • classroom and school digital storytelling platforms
  • the power of digital media compared to traditional forms
  • tech competencies foundational to digital storytelling

Session 2: How can digital storytelling develop global competencies and active global citizenship

  • connecting to the UN Sustainable Development Goals & other frameworks for exploring global issues
  • communication, advocacy and intercultural understanding
  • active listening and citizen journalism
  • developing mindsets for service and sustainability

Session 3: The HOW of creating digital stories: Part I

  • writing clear & concise digital content
  • taking compelling photos
  • persuasive podcasting

Session 4: The HOW of creating digital stories: Part II

  • shooting & editing engaging video content
  • promoting and sharing your stories
  • the role of reflection
  • creating storytelling & global citizenship cultures in our schools